Pip & Cherry


Hi, my name is Rebecca! Maker and mum behind Pip & Cherry.

As a child, I would spend hours gazing up at my grandma in her sewing room.

Surrounded by threads, fabric dust, and glimpses of her creative visions. I watched as she would lovingly craft her handmade works: everything from beautiful dresses for vintage design house Biba, to pillows and sofa covers, and outfits for all the family.

Fast forward to adulthood, pregnant and housebound with my twins, my husband gifted me a sewing machine. And I decided to start my own sewing story.

I began making quilts, clothing, and other unique bits crafted with care ready for my babies. It was such a delight to see each final piece and realise the satisfaction my grandma must have experienced each time.

When the twins made an appearance, sewing machine tucked away, I soon became fascinated by the way they explored the world around them. The way they used all their senses to discover new things.

Fabric books were a favourite. They could safely chew them, crumple them, play with them, cuddle them – and we would use them for tummy time, bedtime stories, long car journeys, and a ten-minute distraction so I could jump in the shower!

It was the twins’ infatuation with fabric books that prompted me to get the sewing machine back out. As they slept, I made them each a unique, personalised book, designed to spell out their name. They fell in love straight away!

Friends soon started to make enquiries and I began to make more books.  Now, my children look up to me amongst the fabric scraps. Each item carefully handmade by me in my Hertfordshire home; my product line has grown to include our beautiful alphabet wall hanging. With the twins inspiring new ideas all the time.

My hope is, that as each Pip & Cherry product finds a new home, another generation will discover the joy of handcrafted designs.

Rebecca x




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