Pip & Cherry

Top 5 tips on naming a new business

Rebecca Walker

I often get asked how I came up with the name Pip and Cherry.

Very simply I named my company after the twins. Well the nicknames we gave them when I was pregnant.

I was five weeks along when I found out I was pregnant. All the pregnancy books reliably told me that my bubba was the size of a Pip so that’s what we affectionately started calling it.

For a few weeks we basked in our good luck and lovely news. Then at 9 weeks I went for a further scan, and was given the crazy and unexpected news that we were actually expecting twins. The words "so there is two in there," are the best ones I have ever heard.

At this point the babies had grown to the size of cherries, so we started to call the second baby Cherry. It was so sweet and simple and stuck throughout the pregnancy 

When I was brainstorming company names, I suddenly thought, "Pip and Cherry," that's it. It seemed the perfect name for my little company and a lovely tribute to my beautiful babies. 

It's not always that easy though,  so here are a few things to keep in mind when your thinking about naming your company.

Top 5 tips for naming a new business

A name your company can grow into.

Before I decided on Pip and Cherry. I sat doodling name ideas and I kept coming back to same type of name “The cloth book company."

In my head, it was simple, clear and would be easy to find in a search.

For a new company starting out, I felt like it was sensible to state to everyone what I was making.

But something was niggling at me. I realised that if I choose a name which was that specific, if I ever decided to diversify my product line (which I now have) my company's name would jar with them. 

If your completely committed to only doing one specific thing. Then go ahead and choose a descriptive name. If you think at some point you might want to expand your business, a generic name is going to be your best bet.

Is it being used already?

This ones pretty key, legally you need to check to see the name isn't too similar to any other company name out there.

Check here to look on the government website to see that an existing Trademark isn't already registered. 

Then you need to check if a website already exists with your name (simply search for it in google) and also if the name is available on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and twitter (or any other Social Network you think you might use.)

Being consistent means your customers will instantly know how to find you regardless of the social channel they are using or where they are searching for you.

Name doesn’t mean anything rude

This an obvious one, but mention your name to a few friends and family. Check that it doesn’t have any unexpected associations or meanings that you hadn't thought about. You don't want to spend money on business cards, only for someone to turn around and say "Well that means 'so and so" in French."

How it’s sits with your brand identity.

As soon as you start brainstorming for your business, the idea of creating a consistent “brand identity” should be at the forefront of your mind. Whether you are product or service based, you are making something for a client (not just for you) and everything you do or create should be made with this in mind. 

At this stage start to think about who your typical client might be (it can be a vague idea.)

What words, moods and emotions are you trying to conjure up for them when they see your brand name. 

Are you appealing to grown woman and want your brand to appear sophisticated and chic? Or are you trying to create something for teenagers and want your name to be bold and exciting. 

At first this can feel difficult and if it does - show your products to some friends and see who they think your target audience is and go from there.

Is it easy to spell

I know some people like having a name that's a bit mysterious or interesting (and if that feeds into your brand identity go for it.) Just bear in mind that your going to be saying and using these words a lot. 

You want your customer to remember your name easily and be able to find you online without having to guess at how to spell your name. So make it easier for them by choosing something simple and words that are spelt how they sound. 

I always love to hear about how other companies came up with their brand names? Did you find the decision difficult? Are there any other tips you found useful in the past and thing I've missed?