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Rebecca Walker

I’m so excited to announce the set of prompts for my #thisparentsjoy instagram challenge.

The Challenge starts next Monday on the 18th of February, a weeklong celebration of the joyful moments that take place in our everyday.

For those that haven’t done a photo challenge before a prompt is given for every day and you simply create an image which fits with the prompt. If you want more guidance have a scroll below as i’ve explained my thinking behind each prompt and given some ideas about what you can do for that day.

For me focusing on Joy has completely changed how I deal with my everyday. Parenting can be such hard work and I know the only way I can get through the tough moments is by focusing on the joyful ones.

“Joy… is different from happiness, which measures how good we feel over time. Joy is about feeling good in the moment right now…. an intense, momentary experience of positive emotion —- one that makes us smile and laugh and feel like we want to jump up and down.”

Ingrid Fetell Lee

Monday 18th February - Say hello

This week is all about unashamedly talking about the joy our families bring us. So lets start somewhere simple; who are you? Introduce yourself and your family. Get everyone, yourself included, in front of the camera. Take a silly or serious selfie. Gush about them, tell us about their quirks, what are your favourite things about the most important people in your life.

Tuesday 19th February - enjoy the moment

Today is all about noticing the moments of joy as they happen through out the day. Just simply share a photo of a joyful moment as it happens. Heck…if you can’t capture the moment because your enjoying it too much, take a photo after the moment and tell us all about it. Why was it joyful? How did it make you feel?

Wednesday 20th February - Dress for joy

Today its all about dressing for joy. Its the middle of the week - hump day (whatever that means.)

`So wear your favourite outfit, the one that makes you feel happy when your run your hands down the material. Or throw on your brightest coloured jumper, slick on some bright lipstick, layer on your jewellery. today is all about clothing that makes you feel fab, pops of colour, patterns AND do the same for your kids.

Thursday 21st February - A happy dance

Today's prompt is all about letting go and just being silly.

Heres what to do :

  1. Pop your camera up somewhere and press RECORD.

  2. Put on your kids or your favourite song and let the groove take over!

Don’t overthink of worry about the video and then POST IT.

If the thought of sharing a video of your group dancing sends you into cold sweats, you have some options Either just twirl (somehow that feels like self conscious) or simply take a photo or boomerang of yourselves dancing. I’m committed to this (and i guess it is my challenge) so i’m going to go full on dance troupe on Thursday!!!

Friday 22nd February - a treasured memory

Share a family photo that you truly treasure and which brings you joy? Why does it mean so much to you? What does the photo represent? Share the story behind it and the memory that it evokes.

Saturday 23rd February - joyful jumping

Its Saturday so lets Jump for joy, and celebrate the fact that we have reached the weekend. Let's celebrate that fact - whether you've had a great week, or you've just had a meh week. You've made it.

This is one of my favourite things to do and JUST the process of taking this photo always makes me feel joyful. Lets see who can jump the highest - and ill be impressed if anyone that manages to get all their family members feet off the ground at the same time.

(The best way to take this photo is to prop the camera up and set the self timer!!)

Sunday 24th February - letter to yourself

Today's prompt is less of a typical photo challenge but I think its truly important.

Today is all about reflecting on the week and noting down all the lovely things you have done together. Personally i’ll be writing a letter to Lucy and Cam telling them about all the adventures we had this week. Take your time and enjoy writing your letter, decorate it, doodle on it, make a lists of the places you’ve visited, the food you’ve eaten, the friends you have seen. If you want to, sit down and do this with your kids. Get them to help by drawing their favourite thing from the week or if they are old enough get them to write a little sentence about the week they have had as well.

Think of this a bit like joy homework for adults :)

Treasure this letter - these are your memories - your moments of joy.

These are the moments that you should remember and the ones that matter.

This letter is a gift for your future yourself. The you that is having a hard day, is knackered and just can’t cope with whatever is happening at that moment. It’s a letter for your future self to find, read and remember those moments.


I can’t wait to learn more about everyone who is joining in this week and more importantly to celebrate our moments of joy together.

Parenting is hard, these fleeting moments of joy make it all worth while so lets treasure every single one.

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