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#thisparentsjoy - the happiest of post

Rebecca Walker

I have been thinking a lot about what I wanted to do over the Easter Holidays for #thisparentsjoy.

I adored the #thisparentsjoy photo challenge and wanted to do something similar.

I had a few different ideas and then last week I had some completely unrelated and wonderful news. One of my best friends was pregnant.

She lives far away from me and I don't get to see her as often as I would like. So I decided to send her some happy pregnancy post. Some chocolates, a pregnancy book, mint tea, a small package to let her know how excited I was for her. As I sat and wrapped up her parcel (with ribbon and fabric of course) I had an idea.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could arrange this for the Easter holidays.

A joyful package swap between all us knackered mums.

Sending and receiving happy post to put a smile on another mums face.

And just like that #thisparentsjoy post swap was born.


So firstly how does it work?

  1. Sign up with your details on the form below:

  2. In about a weeks time, I will send you the name and address of another parent to send lovely post to (this will be done completely randomly and you won’t be matched in pairs.)

  3. During the first week of the Easter Holidays - send out your parcel (i’m suggesting a spend of around £10 on each parcel.)

  4. Wait for the second week to receive your happy joyful amazing post…

  5. Enjoy your post and the happy smile it has put on your face.

I’ll be sending out lots more details and posting here and on instagram with tips and ideas of what to pop in your parcel.

Now just one more thing….

Please don’t sign up if you don’t have the intention to take part in the swap. It pains me to have to actually say this and it’s the last time I will mention it - because I know you lovely lot wouldn’t do anything like that!

To take part you must have filled in the below form by the end of Monday 1st April.

Sorry but signs up for #thisparentsjoy happy post have now closed.

Make sure you sign up for to Mailing list to keep updated with the next #thisparentsjoy, so you never miss out.

P.S My shop reopens on Monday if you want to take a cheeky look around.