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Talking about - How you broke the news "I'm pregnant!"

Rebecca Walker
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It’s one of those life moments that we have all seen played out countless times on TV and movies. That amazing and special moment when you break the news to your partner that they are going to be a parent.

I didn’t even realise I was pregnant until after a dinner out, I was horribly sick the next day. It seemed really unusual, and I jokingly said to my husband I wondered if I was pregnant. I didn’t really think I could be, as we had only got married the month before.

While he was at work I bought a test, and couldn’t believe it when it showed positive! When he walked through the door later, I went running over waving my pee stick at him, shouting “Im pregnant'.”

I just couldn’t contain my excitement or sheer surprise.

Here are some of the brilliant ways you guys shared the news with your partner.

When they know before you do

“I didn’t tell my partner with our first, he told me! We had been trying for a baby for around 16 months and had taken so many negative tests in that time. That morning I woke up at 5am being 3 days late so thought I would take a test and see. I felt like I had waited long enough and it was negative so i just went back to bed. When my partner got up to go to work, he said he had an urge to check the test and took it out of its box (I had forgotten to bin it.) He then woke me up shouting from the bathroom “your pregnant, we are having a baby.” It took me a whole minute to realise I wasn’t dreaming.” - Nikita

Just the right moment

“After finding out I was expecting no 3. I kept it to myself all day as my husband had an exam that morning and I didn’t want to distract him! I bough a bottle of champagne to celebrate him passing his test (thankfully!) and wrote a label that said ‘you weren’t the only one that took a test today…” it was just a shame I couldn’t share the champers.” - Laura

“I told my boyfriend a week before his 30th birthday. As soon as I found out, I raced out and bought a little baby grow, I put that and the positive test in a little box and gave it to him as an early birthday present.” -Beth

When the wait was all worth it

“I found out through my BETA blood test as we conceived via IVF. You have to do a 3 to 4 blood tests every few days to confirm the pregnancy. I simply texted him the first result which you need to double every few days to have a viable pregnancy. We got the second result together over e-mail and it was so amazing to see his face in a huge smile. Finally success!” - Annabelle

“We’d been trying for a year with no luck. So we basically decided to stop trying. I did a test on Valentines day, and came down waving a pee test around. His first words were “Fuck me, nothing ever goes to plan, we weren’t even trying.” I must have been giving him daggers, because he told me he loved me, kissed me and then ran next door and told our neighbours that his willy worked!!” - Jo

“We had been having fertility treatment. The morning of my gramps funeral I thought I needed to take a test, as something just felt different. It was positive. I had to give a reading and kept telling myself I was going to be a mum and I could get through it. I found out he was due on what would have been my gramps birthday and it was like his parting gift.” - Keri

Wait, what did you say?

“He was at work when I did the test and I couldn’t wait for him to get home, so I sent him a photo of the test. He replied with “Does this mean we’re getting a cat?!!” Amy-Rose

“My husband came home from work in a great mood, and me being me I thought I know what will ruin your good mood (I removed the test from my jean pocket and showed it to him.) His instant reply was “its not mine!” Then “That best not be yours!” Baby is now 13 months old - Emma

“With my first I realised about two weeks after I was due on that I hadn’t had a period. I bought the tests with my partner, and said I’d do it the following morning. I had to be up at 4 am the next day, so got up and did the test. I walked into the bedroom and said ‘hey Dean, the test was positive!"‘ he was half asleep and just stared at me, pulled the covers back over his head, did it again, but didn’t say anything. I left for work and a few hours later when he got up he texted me “Hang on, you said the test was positive, your pregnant… holy shit” - Hannah

Something in the water

“We had been laughing about how many girls at work had found out they were pregnant last month (three at this point.) My boss mentioned that I looked more tired than usual, and maybe I was next. I popped to the supermarket and did a test before the start of my day shift, and found out it was positive… Something was in the water, because before I left for maternity leave six more girls found out they were pregnant.” Carina

Second time round

“First time around (I was age 21 and my partner was 20) it was quite scary so I wrote it down on a piece of paper and he vomited. But the second time.. when we were actually trying for a baby. I asked Alex to get a bottle of scotch on the way home from work. As he walked in the front door holding the scotch he simply said, “you’re pregnant aren’t you?!” and we were both so ecstatic” - Kate

“My first time around I was 16 years old and had been living with my 21 year old boyfriend for two years. He kicked me out in the middle of the night and that set the scene for the end of our relationship. He has never been a good dad. Second time around with my current husband, we had been trying to have a baby but weren’t sure if it would happen. I did a test when he was out, not expecting it to be positive and it was. He came home a little tipsy and said he had just bumped into an old school friend, who had complemented him on his daughters. He said one was his step daughter, but he loved her as though she was his own and thought she was amazing. His eyes were filled with tears when he told me. Then I told him we were expecting another one. He cried so many tears of joy it erased all the heartache and fear of the first time around.” - Bethany

All these incredible answers have got me thinking how I would break the news to Glen next time round.

Someone mentioned that they would buy a beautiful Big Sis tee from Magnificent Stanley and now I can’t stop thinking about how lovely that idea would be. Can you imagine the twins wearing one each and running into the bedroom to break the news to my hubby… though I think the I’d potentially need to be armed with a defib as the shock might be too much for him!


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