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Rebecca Walker

I read an article recently about a mum who filled her child’s room full of balloons every birthday and I thought it just sounded so fun. Imagine waking up to a room full of ballons at the age of two?

What a joyful way to mark a little persons birthday. It made me really think about the traditions that have with my little family, my hubby makes pancakes every birthday morning (which the kids love) and I’ve made a birthday banner which i’m hoping we will use every year.

Here are a few more brilliant birthday traditions shared by you guys last week:

Something fun and unexpected

“We do a little trail of sweeties or something like wrapping bows or a piece of string leading to the kids presents.” - Naomie

“Our son was born during Edinburgh fringe, so we take him to see a show every year. When he was one we took him to a kids classical music interpretive dance thing which he was mesmerised by. Then when he was 2 we took him to the Amazing bubble man because he was obsessed with bubbles. Who knows what amazing show he will pick this year?” - Lou

“This was a tradition that happened at the school I used to work at. Happy Birthday is sung, and then the child has to immediately skip around the room whilst everyone claps and sings, “Skip around the room, skip around the room, we won’t stop clapping until you’ve skipped around the room.” I loved this tradition, so have tried to recreate it with my own children. My eldest isn’t playing ball though - on his last birthday he wouldn’t even let us sing Happy Birthday to him” - Tracey

“Every year so far we play 50 cent ‘in the club’ on the twins birthday morning. No idea why!?!” - Jess

Passed down the generations:

“We have a musical wind up cherry brandy bottle that plays Happy Birthday, it belonged to my Nan she used to play it down the phone to us. I try and remember to do it now!” - Helen

“My mum gave me the birthday banners I had when I was little and now I use them for my daughter. Its so nice to carry these things on and share them I made a birthday fabric runner and always use it on birthdays.” - Emily

Documenting the moment

“We take a simple balloon photo by herself and a family one all together.” - Sarah

“I’ve started a little birthday interview, simple questions but lovely to look back on. Questions like, whats your favourite thing to do? Where would be your favourite day out? What makes you happy? Favourite song? The best answer was one I got this year. I asked him who his best friend was? He said it was his little sister in his mummys belly (i’m three months pregnant) We don’t actually know the gender but he is determined that its a girl!!” - Sophie

Birthday baking

“Pancake breakfast is a birthday tradition, the birthday persons chair is decorated with a balloon and we also open our birthday presents in bed.” - Danielle

“I read somewhere when I was pregnant with my first little boy about how a mum kept all the cake toppers/figures from her child’s cakes then on his 19th birthday she made a cake to showcase them all. 4 years later and ive started with hungry caterpiller, Wall.e, Minions and Go Jetters. I’m hoping that the figures instead of the icing will make me look like a talented caker maker. lol.” - Katie

P.s Someone shared this amazing looking Nigella Lawson recipe as well.

How fun would they be to make for every birthday? Going to give these a go next year with the twins.

birthday biscuits

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