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Birthday present ideas for Toddlers.

Rebecca Walker

It’s the twins Birthday on Friday and I thought I'd share some of the lovely gifts I've bought for them (lucky beans!)

Before I share the list with you, I wanted to mention my attitude to shopping small. Unsurprisingly, I’m a huge advocate for it. I have a lust list as long as my arm of beautiful items i'd love to buy for the twins from wonderful makers.

But we all know its not always possible to buy everything for a small shop.

For very good reasons, shopping small is more expensive. Items aren’t mass produced, they are made in the UK by skilled crafts people who have honed their skills for years. When you shop small your paying for so much more than the thing your buying and thats what I love about it.

But honestly it would be bank breaking to only shop this way. Parenting is expensive, and my bank account has never been quite as empty.

So when it comes to my buying, I try to buy from a mix of different types of shops. My high street bargain buys, mean I can afford that something special from a fellow maker.

Supporting my fellow small makers, and shouting about their wonderful wares at every opportunity.

So anyways lets see what these lucky twinnies are getting for their birthday this year:

I couldn’t not purchase one of these gorgeous Grimms rainbows for the twins birthdays. They are a bit rainbow obsessed at the moment and I can see them using these in so many different ways. I went for a less traditional colour way - and really love these jewel bright colours.


I love these personalised name puzzles by tiny me.  There are a huge amount of different options and patterns to choose from and I love a toy thats fun and acts as a learning tool.

For Christmas we bought them this (iconic) Ikea kitchen. Its such a simple yet functional toy and the twins haven’t stopped playing with it. Also you can do some amazing hacks to it, if your that way inclinded.


We asked our families to help kit it out the kitchen, and the twins were treated to one of these Wooden cutting kits - which are currently one of the twins favourite toys. They are playing with it constantly and it really seems to have captured their imagination.


I’ve had my eye on these beautiful Moulin Roty dolls for a while and decided their birthday was the perfect time to treat Lucy to one of these sweet girls. Their are a few different options, but I couldn’t resist this little Eloise doll and her sweet little pink plait.


One of my favourite new traditions, is getting the twins a new Magnificent Stanley top for their birthdays. This year I went for an L and a C, but these number tee’s are also such a lovely way of marking a birthday. They are such beautiful quality and Becky (who runs the business) is the loveliest lady - shopping small at its finest.

The twins are pretty drawing obsessed at the moment and this magnetic drawing board, looked like something they would really love.


The rest of this list are just some super cute things that I bought to add some fun and colour to their birthday.

These incredible gift tags from Cotton Clara. They are more expensive than normal tags – but I plan on using them every year, so I’m easily going to get my moneys worth. I’m going to re-string them with some festive colour at Christmas. I’ve loved the process of sitting down and making the tags (they aren’t difficult and have taken me a few hours in front of the TV to string - but i’ve been doing it very slowly.)


Rainbow balloon arch of joy (I don’t think this is its technical name) I’m not going to lie blowing up 80 balloons isn’t for the faint hearted – but for these balloon/rainbow obsessed twins (okay and mumma) I couldn’t NOT buy this.

I’ve heard reports that it will stay inflated for a month as well – which is all kinds of incredible.

*** Post Birthday update*** I thought i’d pop on and put a little update about how easy this arch was to inflate. As I didn’t want the twins to see it, I had to make it after they had gone down for bed. I bought a hand pump, and it probably took about two hours in front of the TV to pump up. It comes with a reel of special ribbon, which you thread the balloons through and this was really easy to do, and if you followed the general colour feel it really easily looked great. When it was finished it was double the size I was expecting, and I have to say bang for you buck is pretty amazing with this. It made the room look incredible!!

We then just tied it up on our curtain rail which was super easy.

I told my husband that I think it looks so good - that it should be a permanent wall installation. He’s going to be a bit shocked when he realises i’m not joking!!

2 (1).jpg

Now I just need to get my wrap on before Friday, wish me luck!!!

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