Pip & Cherry

ABC Flashcards - Activities for older children.

Rebecca Walker

Recently i’ve had a few people ask me what age my ABC Flashcards are suitable for. As with everything I make at Pip and Cherry, originally they were designed for my twins who are currently hitting 20 months old (and all the delightful “no no no” challenges that come with that age!!)

However that doesn’t mean they are only suitable for toddlers.

In fact I think these make a wonderful gift for older Children and here are some games that I think are perfect for bigger children:

1. Memory circle

Place a set of flashcards in a circle on the floor. Point to all of the flashcards and say the words out loud together.

Remove a card from the circle, go around the circle saying the words again letting your child say the name of the missing card.

Keep going round the circle until all the cards are removed and then try to put all the cards back down in their original order.

2. Running around

Place random cards around the room on different surfaces, showing your child where each card is.

Everyone stands in the middle and then you give out instructions e.g. “Hop to the jellyfish,” “Skip to the house” etc

This is really good fun if you have a few children and can give more specific instructions i.e “if you’re wearing red, wiggle to the Apple.”

3. Yes & No

Get your child to secretly pick a flashcard from the fabric pouch.

You then ask the child simple yes and no questions to try and find out what card they have.

“Can you eat it? ”

“Does it live on a farm?”

Keep going until you guess the card correctly.

4. Easy as ABC

This one is simple enough... mix all of the cards up and then ask your child to sort them back into alphabetical order.

5. Spell it out

Pick a random card out of the pack. Have a look at the word and picture side of the card with your child and then turn it over to the letter side. Challenge your child to spell out the word using the letters in the rest of the pack.

Can you think of anymore great ideas for playing with these cards? I’d love to hear and share with everyone.



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