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ABC flashcards - 6 fun things to do with them

ABC flashcards, playRebecca Walker

My ABC flashcards go on sale THIS Friday.

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Before they go on sale I wanted to share with you some of my favourite ways to use the flashcards.

1. Display them in your favourite place as a wall decoration. 

These look so sweet strung up on a wall and brightening up a boring spot. Spell out fun words, string up the alphabet or put up a parade of your favourite pictures. The possibilities are endless. 

2. Use them as photoprops. 

There is something special about taking photos of your little ones. These ABC flashcards can be used as easy to grab photo props. Spell out names, ages or words in your photographs to add an extra fun element to your pictures. 

3.  Categorise your card

Sit with your little one and write on a few different pieces of paper, categories; Animals, Food, Vehicles etc.

Then simply sort through the cards talking through each one, helping your little one work out where the picture belongs. 

4. Draw your own ABC

Get the crayons out and some paper and get your little ones to make their own version of our letters, copying the shapes and the drawings. Encourage them to create their own pattern to fill in the pictures and letters using our cards as inspiration.

5. Inspire a story

Pick out a few cards at random (or even better let your little one choose) and create a short story with the words the you choose. Perfect for stretching children's imaginations. 

6. Play - spell out words  

The simplest way to use the cards, spell out names and words with you little one. 

I can't wait to hear what you do with your cards. The possibilities for play and a childs imagination is endless.

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