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Podcasts for small businesses

Rebecca Walker

One of my favourite things to do when I’m sewing at the moment is to pop in my headphones and get lost in a podcast. If i'm being honest i'm pretty new to this world (I would have always considered myself more of a book girl) but I have become such a convert and have found them really invaluable whilst I'm busy doing something else. They have become the saving grace during my weekly M25 battles to visit my parents.

I'm a big fan of the LOL offerings - Belinda Blinks, anyone? But one genre I also really love is the small business - I guess for a better word 'advice' podcasts. 

These are my current fave picks -  

 The Small and Mighty Podcast

Sams podcast has been running for two seasons, and I’ve been smashing my way though them during the last few weeks. I'm virtually binge listening to them, they are helping me survive the M25 drive to my parents.


She interviews small business owners and experts who discuss their journey into business ownership. I love the complete and utter mix of people she has on her show, ranging from lovely gift shop owners nestled in the Yorkshire hills to lux Italian brands selling worldwide - she is equally excited about all of their stories and the lessons they can teach her listener. 

Why I love it - It just really reinforces the fact that success comes in so many different forms and that there isn't one route to getting there.


Hashtag Authentic

If your using Instagram as a platform for your business - then you need to give Sara a listen.  

Each podcast covers a specific way of boosting your business and she gives you specific, measurable and actionable tips on how to boost your social media profile. (This is one where you might want to free up your hands so you can jot down notes!) She has an incredible habit of staying ahead of the insta game and really knows where you should be ploughing you energies.

I love the consistency of her voice and her consistent belief that at the end of the day it’s all about creating beautiful content and putting your audience first. If you take a look at her feed - she is also incredible at putting this into action.

Why I love it - She is always genuinely so engaged and excited when talking to her guests - she really gets to the root of what they are trying to convey and is a joy to listen to.

Ted talks

Where to begin with Ted Talks - experts in their fields, sharing their thoughts, passion and ideas with the world on a stage. There are so many different talks to choose from on such an unbelievable range of topics. Sometimes I just like to listen randomly to different talks and often find myself having an 'ah hah' moment when i'm listening to a talk which is completely unrelated to this little world of 'creative businesses.'

Why I love it - You never know what your going to find yourself listening to - have a scroll through and see what you can find or just choose at random.


Have I missed out your favourite business podcasts? Let me know below if i'm missing out on some gems and ill add them to my listening list.