Pip & Cherry

Making the most of some pretty scraps

Rebecca Walker

This week I decided to tackle tidying up my fabric stash, my plan was to have a serious cull and get rid of any pieces that weren’t large enough to be used for name books (or more importantly weren’t fiting into my over flowing fabric box!)  

As soon as I started looking properly at all the small scraps and off cuts of beautiful fabric I just knew I couldn’t do it. These pieces of fabric have so much amazing history and are so special that the thought of throwing any of it away unnecessarily left me feeling a bit sad. 


After some serious pondering and playing around I realised that by chance I had a small piece of every colour of the rainbow. What luck! 

I had an unusually free day ahead of me so decided to make something a little bit different.

Each letter is carefully cut out by me and then attached to a piece of cotton. My cutting is pretty neat (I’ve had a lot of practice) but each letter is always slightly different, which is one of my favourite things about this type of repeated word. Each small imperfection adds to the overall handmade quality of the piece and makes it that bit more special. 


I debated sewing the fabric together but eventually decided that as the letters were so small it would just end up looking messy so instead heat bonded each letter individually to the fabric backing. 

I absolutely loved the entire process and I’m pleased as punch with the result. So much so that i've decided to turn into an A4 print available to buy in my shop. 

The original is off to the framers and is going up in the twins nursery as soon as it gets back. I’ve still got a few more scraps and a head bursting full of ideas so I’m hoping to work on some more pieces over the next few months. 

I’m thinking a heart piece would be very sweet!  

Feel free to comment or pin any of my pictures. 

If you feel like you need a bit of RAINBOW LOVE on your wall, these prints are currently available to buy in my shop.

Beks xx

P.S. Also keep an eye out, I’ve only got so much space on my walls so the next original piece of textile art is going to be up for sale.